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More than 100 studies show link of pesticides and Parkinson’s

United Press International Exposure to pesticides,herbicides and other chemicals linked to higher risk of Parkinson’s. PAVIA, Italy, May 28 (UPI) — A meta-analysis of more than 100 studies shows pesticide, herbicide and solvent exposure is linked to a higher risk of Parkinson’s, researchers in Italy say.Study author Dr. Emanuele Cereda of IRCCS University Hospital San Matteo (continued)
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United Press International

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Schools and Playgrounds – PANNA report

Pesticide Action Network North America Playgrounds, daycare centers and schools: every parent hopes these are safe places, where children can flourish and grow. Unfortunately, pesticides used in and near schools and playgrounds can make children an unintended ‘frontline community,’ exposing them to dangerous chemicals just when  their developing brains and bodies are especially vulnerable .Parents, communities and organizations around the country are finding (continued)
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Pesticide Action Network North America

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Twin Hills parents not done fighting conversion

Sonoma Westby David Abbott Sonoma West Editor Public forum scheduled for May 29 Parents from the Twin Hills Union School District have mobilized in an attempt to halt a proposed vineyard conversion in order to have more tests done on the soil and to get increased mitigation efforts in the soon-to-be vineyard surrounding the school (continued)
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Sonoma West

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Apples for Grapes

The BohemianA bad tradeoff: yep, Paul Hobbs is at it again BY SHEPHERD BLISS Over 400 people signed a petition last week against Paul Hobbs Winery and its plans to convert an apple orchard into a vineyard surrounding five schools in rural Sebastopol. Hobbs is an international wine baron who (continued)
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The Bohemian

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A Generation in Jeopardy: How pesticides are undermining our children’s health & intelligence

Pesticide Action NetworkKids today are sicker than they were a generation ago, and a growing body of scientific evidence points to pesticides as a reason why. From childhood cancers to learning disabilities and asthma, a wide range of childhood diseases and disorders are on the rise.

Pesticide Action Network

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Mothers and Allies Challenge Wine Industrialist  Half a dozen mothers from Sebastopol and its countryside quickly rallied hundreds of people to their side to challenge Sonoma County’s Paul Hobbs Winery. He wants to convert a 40-acre apple orchard into a vineyard that would use pesticides; it borders five schools on Watertrough Road, including Apple Blossom and Orchard View. Together they (continued)
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