Posted on June 11, 2013 By Mina

Board of Supervisors Meeting

Board of Supervisors

Joy Hamel: Today: as I approached the podium to speak today at the board of supervisors meeting, I was unnerved by the setting of the supervisors way up on their stand… and suddenly I felt very small and very nervous…

I spoke to my family’s passion for agriculture and our reliance on ag to make a living. I included information from the 2011 Sonoma County crop report and how the wine grape growers need to be increasing the acreage of organically grown grapes… (of the over 60,000 acres of wine grapes in Sonoma county only 678 are organic.)

I am a member of the Watertrough Children’s Alliance, my daughter attends Orchard View school which is located on the Twin Hills Union campus. We have asked to landowner (Paul Hobbs Winery) to go above and beyond what is currently required of him because to the proximity of this site to 700 school children and the history of chemical use on this conventional apple orchard. This is a problem… we should not have to be at the mercy of a good neighbor negotiation… this should be regulated.