Posted on June 5, 2013 By Mina

Sonoma West Letter to the Editor

Sonoma West

Community disregarded

Editor: As a mother, when I look at the map and see the vineyard wrapped around Apple Blossom Elementary School, it is the disregard that hurts. Disregard for the environment, schools, children and community.

Disregard on the vintner’s part, for buying the property that impacts five different schools, from his PR person Tara Sharp, for her lack of outreach and the Twin Hills School district for their lack of timely notification to parents. Some parents were uninformed until the public forum on May 29, hosted by the Watertrough Children’s Alliance.

Sharp claimed they “do not plan on spraying during the regular school year.” Yet she was unaware that the Tree House Hollow Pre-school had not been notified about the conversion. Willow Spring School Summer Drama Camp will be open June 21 to July 8. Tree House Hollow Pre-School will be open during the summer. Sharp was surprised that the superintendent had not informed anyone, and said she would “Look into it.”

Really? Conversations with the school district started six months ago and parents found out this past few weeks. Yes please, look into it; you will not have to look far. It comes down to money and power. Apparently, Hobbs has so much he does not have to take this into consideration.

He does not consider our children or those with less power, including the farmers who are financially forced to sell their land. They are dismissed and get continued neglect, toxic spray and dust coating their communities and schools. Toxic substances like Round Up that Tara reports they will use are banned in Europe and have been shown to cause cancer and abnormal growth.

This will not happen until later. It will happen when our children are far from the orchard, but don’t worry; there is a “good neighbor policy.” A policy based on people having moral character. Who are we talking about? Paul Hobbs. You do not have to go far to hear about who this international wine grower is and his reputation for disregard of the environment, community and now our children.

Jina Brooks